Home Drop off and Pick-up:

Our permits allow us to do home pick-up and drop off in Lake Havasu City ONLY! If you live in any of our other location cities you must go to the designated location on our route. We cannot veer off our route.


All reservations are Non-Refundable. If for some reason you cannot make it for your reservation a Service Credit will be issued which is good for one year. These reservations can only be re-opened twice.
Your dates and times can be changed at no extra cost to you. You must call us prior or on the day of travel to receive a Service Credit. All calls received after the date of travel will forfeit their reservation and will be marked as no call no show.

Before clicking on the box and submitting, make sure you have read the terms and conditions
this also applies to over the phone reservations.

Food and beverage:

There is no eating or drinking on our shuttles. We do allow you to have water with a screw top cap or coffee in a mug with a screw top. Alcohol is strictly prohibited!


Our drivers are responsible for the lives of all passengers. Their concentration is important.  Please be considerate. Any unruly and/or intoxicated passenger will receive a warning. If passenger persists, the driver will drop that person off at the nearest habitable location and passenger will forfeit their reservation.

Acts of Nature:

Our times are approximate.  We are not responsible for acts of nature such as traffic accidents and conditions, punctured tires, and weather conditions.